For your consideration is this rare 115 year old board game based on the Spanish-American war called the Game of Bombardment and produced by McLoughlin Brothers Publishing in 1898. The game is 100% complete with the original spinner depicting a cannon in each of the four corners and numbered 3 to 12; all twenty of the original markers…ten white men representing warships and ten red men representing the batteries.

The object of the game is to see whether the fleet can silence the fort, or the fort destroy the fleet. The 10 white men are placed behind the numbers on the ships and the 10 red men are placed behind the numbers on the fort’s guns. The man who owns the white ships must try to capture the red batteries, and vice versa. To begin, both players spin and the one with the highest number has the first shot and thus opens the battle. The player then spins again and if the number he spins is occupied by one of his rival’s men, he captures the man and removes it from the board. The player who has one or more men left wins the battle. The greater number of men remaining, the greater the glory!

As you can see, the game is in fantastic condition for being 115 years old and is amazingly still complete with all the original pieces. The box top depicts a highly detailed chromolithograph of a US destroyer in the midst
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