1898 South African 1 Pond 22ct Gold coin in Gold holder - Absolutely beautiful!

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1898 1 Pond from South Africa in Gold Holder
Not only a stunning 22ct Solid Gold coin but also a Solid Gold holder (suitable for a necklace or other jewellery). This is a 1898 1 Pond (the South African Pound from the time) and is roughly the equivalent in gold terms to a 1/4 Kruger rand coin. Depicted on the Coin is Paul Kruger. The Holder is also hallmarked (this can be seen on the first picture at the top) however I can not see exactly what it is to determine the Carat it is but will probably at least or more than 9ct. See the Technical details below but I have used a professional scales to work out the weight of the holder (the coin is a known weight) which is around 3.5-4g making it based on being 9ct gold just on weight terms worth about £45-55 and the coin around £260, just in Scrap gold value!
For this fixed price auction please feel free to make a sensible offer.
Technical Aspects
Coin - 1898 1 Pond 22ct Gold, (approx same as 1/4 soverign) with a standard weight of 7.84g. Approx 22mm in diameter Holder - Hallmarked gold (unverified if more than 9ct), total of weight of both is 11.99g so holder is 4.15g (weights are a guide and measured by myself on professional scales but there maybe minor differences on other scales).
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