1899 Rare Cabinet Photograph of House Moving With Horse

Here is a vintage albumen cabinet card 19th Century original photographic view on a black period hardboard mount. It is a circa 1899 photograph vue of workmen raising a house via a horse drawn winch of some sort that is lifting the structute off it's foundation so as to be loaded on a house moving frame. There are other houses and workmen visable in this scarce image. It measures approximately 6 by 7". If you have any questions, please write me. Shipping is $3.99 or domestic and $6.99 for International (plus ~~ 99 cents for each additional photograph in the same shipment ). I use corrugated cardboard to protect the item from bending and damage in shipment. Ebay sends it's own invoice to encourage you to utilize ebay's owned company PAYPAL .. I am happy to discuss alternate payment methods. I scour the country and earth for interesting and unusual items ~~~~~ and Thank you for looking. Good hunting and be well.Big Bruce