c. 1899 J.E. Stevens Co. Chief Big Moon Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

c. 1899 (?) J.E. Stevens Co. "Chief Big Moon" Mechanical Bank

First, I would like to note that I do not collect or know anything about mechanical banks.

Second, it appears that someone painted this piece black.

I recently purchased this piece at an auction. It caught my eye and I believe I had seen something like it before in a book, t.v., etc.

Once I brought it home and had a closer look I realized it was a mechanical bank.

After doing some research, it does appear to be an original - not reproduction.

I am selling it "as is". It was covered in dust and all I did was brush as much as possible off with a dry toothbrush.

It is really interesting and has great aesthetics - indian, duck and of course the frog.

I was able to get it to "pop". So, it comes with a quarter inside.

***This note added - The quarter doesn't "pop". The frog jumps out of the pond and the quarter drops inside.***

The spring seems to be too loose. The chain for the indian or perhaps the missing fish is hanging inside.

The screws at the rim by the pond and the back by the teepee appear to be original.

One is missing from the side.

Appx Dimensions ~ Base Length 10", Widest Base Width 4", Top of Teepee to Base 6 or 6.25"

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