18K 750 GOLD & ENAMEL Fish Pendant MINT! Italy Florence

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This is a beautiful double sided fish pendant/charm,

The fish symbol - for many nations is good luck.

This 18k - 750 fish is hand made with great detail work. The fish head and tail moves. Marked 750 (18k gold), and some hallmarks.

I have owned this fish pendant for over 35 years.

· The pendant is 2 ¼ " long

· Fish head almost 1" the fish eye & just above the eye are blue and yellow gold enamel on both sides.

· The fish tail is 7/8" wide with blue and yellow gold enamel is on BOTH SIDES!

· The head and tail moves back and forth - the body stays still.

· The Enamel and gold are still radiant.

Gold jewelry is usually described in terms of caratage (karatage), which is an indication of its gold content, for example 18 carat or 18K. Alternatively, the gold content can be described in terms of 'fineness', which is the gold content expressed in parts per thousand, for example 750 (which is 18 carat or 75.0% gold).

Meticulously crafted. Beautiful design.

A very good and important
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