18lbs Bulk Legos,50+,Mini-Figures lot,Star Wars,Harry Potter,Trains,booklets!

For sale,A Large 18 lb. lot of Mixed LEGOS blocks,Mini-Figures,Access ,& Booklets. 50 Mini- figures,plus about 10 more incomplete figs,along with a pile of MINI -FIG pieces. I went through to clean out any debris, & NON-LEGOS items,ETC. from the lot,I believe it to be at least 95% legos items.I dont know alot about the LEGOS and I dont recognize all of the parts right away.I may have even thrown away some pieces without realizing! This lot has been piling up over the years from clean-outs,yard sales,picks ,ECT.

Thanks for looking!


THIS INFO IS FOR YOU THE BUYER! Auction Terms: I will NOT end auctions early,it is not fair to others, so please do not ask. Item Description: We are NOT expert Antique Dealers. We go to house sales, mostly in rural areas of Pennsylvania, and then resell on ebay,and as such,most items will not be in MINT condition unless otherwise stated. The information will be honest, but limited to our own knowledge, so please do not assume that we know better than you. The items we aquire from outside sources have been stored in clean boxes, that also means there may be odors (smoke and/or musty), pet hairs, dust, etc from the previous owners...be aware most items we sell are old & most times we have no knowledge of the previous owners or how & where
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