18th C. Bellarmine Bartmann face mask jug handle,excavated at Fort William Henry

Here is an antique 18th C. Bellarmine Bartmann large salt glazed crock jug handle with a face mask relief. This large handle is almost complete. This was part of an excavation dig done decades ago at Fort Willima Henry. I got a lot of items, that I did not know what they were at first. I knew what the musket balls were. The oddity in the lot was a gorget, which I found out what it was, was quite collectible to war historians of Fort William Henry area.
The last piece I have is this Bellarmine Bartmann salt glazed jug handle. I always wondered why they dug this piece up,.............now I know.I imagine the gorget, which was dated to the 1750's along the musket balls, to the wartime battle from that time, this jug must be from that period as well. Although I'm not expert on any of that period, I do see why it was in the lot of items. I think the best of my knowledge is from watching The Last of the Mohicans film with Daniel Day Lewis....not a bright spot of American history but I know someone will find this piece of interest.
It measures 6" front to back, 5" tall, and 4 1/2" wide, The face mask is 2 1/4" tall and 2" wide, very good relief and condition.
Any questions, please ask b4 bidding, Thank You.