18th century deer hunting scene landscape oil painting


Magnificent hunting scene oil painting on canvas of a Hunt Master, lady and hunting party following the pack of hounds in close pursuit of a young stag in the shallows of a lake. This is a very early (Circa late 18th century or earlier) and I believe it is continental european due to the attire of the subject, buildings and style/technique of painting however it may be a very early british hunting scene. The scene itself is very dramatic & busy with a fine landscape/lake close to hillside buildings surrounded with specators as they watch the hunt coming to a close. I have tried to picture as much of the work as possible to show just how much is going on.

The painting is in very good condition for its age with only minor marks scratches but no flaking or holes, just some minor crackular as expected. The crackular is undercontrol as it has had a reline and reframe in the last 50 years and has been place in a suitable period style frame. Measures approx 45cm across.

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