18th Century Pewter Gill With Stylized Bee Many Marks!!

Antique Pewter Gill From The Late 1700's, Early 1800's. It Is Rare That Older Pewter, Especially One That Has Travelled So Frequently (See Marks), Is In Such Fine Condition. This Piece Measures 3" High, 2 3/8" At Base, 2 1/4" At Rim And Has Two Rings Above Bottom Of Handle. Assembly Seam Shows Some Wear, Only On One Side (Shown In Pic). Some Corrosion On Rim By Handle Otherwise Piece Is Very Clean And No Modern Restoration Is Evident. Most Obvious Marking On Piece, Besides "Gill" Pressed Into Middle, Is On The Front Of Rim And Appears To Be An Elephant With The Letters "B R" On Its' Interior As Well As The Image Of A Stylized Bee. On Back Right Side Opposite Handle Is A Worn Image Of Bee And Appears To Read: E R 427. Other Marks Are: H-H, B-C,S-H, P, CE W, GC-1, S-I, BC. An Amazing Piece!

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