18th/Early 19th Century Wrought Iron Blacksmith Hand Forged Hearth Toaster Best

If you are a lover of all things primitive, this should get your heart racing! This auction features a stunning late 18th/ Early 19th Century wrought iron hearth toaster. This piece is unmarked as one would expect from an antique utilitarian item.

The overall length is 16 inches, the overall width of the "head" is 14 1/4 inches. The part which holds the bread is 3 1/2 inches tall.

This piece oozes authentic patina, and has a warm rich dry finish. This piece was hand forged, and I especially like the creative curved end on both the end of the handle, as well as the one foot. There are no repairs to this piece, all original. A few of the ornate curved pieces which hold the bread in place are missing a small portion of the ends where the metal thins. One should expect a little acceptable issues with this kind of age from a used item Overall, fine quality workmanship and great decorating piece.