18th Early 19th C Iron Tin Candlebox Holder Antique NR

18th Early 19th C Iron Tin Candlebox Holder Antique NR


The Best Late 18th, Early 19th Century Candlebox -- Complete in Old Paint

Truly one of the best of the best, and certainly the finest example we've ever had the pleasure of offering.

Circa 1790-1830, this piece is a fine representation of the art of period metalsmithing, being of heavy tin construction with soldered seams.

A box such as this was created to hold candles, keeping them out of harms way and suspended on a wall were they would be out of reach (tallow candles were a fond item of various animals).

As you can see the piece has a crown formed back design. Note the great structural supports on the reverse with are completed with the two hanging loops.

The lid has a great bordered design, complete with a scrolled closure tab.

Please take a moment to

You'll see the piece is coated in the remains of old paint, a lovely deep reddish purple hue.

From age there is some oxidation and pitting to the piece, it's created a wondeful form and surface full of original charm and certaily embodying the feel and design of period country tin ware.

The piece measures approximately 10 1/4" wide with the compartment being 4 1/2" in diameter.

Just a wonderful period late
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