19.7 grams Holey chunky Gold Nugget ore Chicken Alaska

This hefty specimen is from the historic and still active placer mining camp at Chicken Alaska. This is a great area for dense, high quality smoothed nugget. It's a tough life but the dedicated miners t still produce the occasional big keeper like this one although most of the gold is much smaller. This is a great nugget because it has a natural hole, perfectly sized for a chain or setting a jewel into . The ruler you see is in centimetres, and the complete specimen weighs 19.7 grams .

I have been a professional geologist for nearly thirty years, prospecting gold in Ontario , British Columbia , Alaska and California through all that time. I have worked with international mining companies and have my own claims. I go underground in mines, use a gold pan and sluicebox in rivers, explore with a metal detector in old workings, and trade with other prospectors in several countries for secrets and nuggets. Most of the gold I sell I have found or purchased directly from the finder.

The fact that you are reading this means you know gold is rare, that nuggets are remarkably rare, decent sized nuggets are incredibly rare , and gold has increased it's value since the start of mankind. As society moves forward it will be gold, not oil, US dollars or Swiss francs that remain the standard of currency throughout the world. It
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