19.5" Bicol Tabak Barong Knife Bolo Machete Sword Arnis

This is a top quality, convex edged bolo which was handmade in Bicol in the Philippines by one of the most reknowned makers in the region. In Bicol, bolos are known as tabaks. There is a town in Bikol called Tabaco--the story goes that when the Spanish arrived and asked a local man what the name of the town was, he thought they were going to take his daughter from him, so he screamed, "Tabak ko! Tabak ko!" ("My tabak!"). His daughter came running back with his tabak, but by then, the Spanish had their answer.
This bolo was made in the town of Tabaco and has been stamped by the maker. It is well-hardened carbon steel and it has a very hard edge. Tabaks are tested by chopping into inferior bolos to prove how hard the edge is. This tabak has a peened over tang that runs all the way through the handle, which makes the blade significantly more secure than in Visayan bolos.
This blade shape is popular throughout the archipelago because of it's efficiency at chopping. It would make a great tool for chopping wood, yard work and also as an expedient weapon if needed.

The blade is handforged carbon steel and should be kept oiled as it will rust if not taken care of, but it is far superior to stainless steel if it is to be used as more than a display piece. This bolo measures approximately 19.5". It does not come with a

This bolo weighs just under 600g or about 21.2 oz. Please note it is extremely sharp and should be handled and used with respect.

Shipping on this bolo will be $24.99 worldwide by Registered Airmail from Hong Kong. Please ensure you are legally allowed to import and possess this item as I am not responsible for customs seizures.

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