19 century Dore Bronze Gothic- Chandelier-Lantern

19th Century Chandelier.....

This Dore Bronze Gothic Three-Arm-flame-Shape-Bulb-Cover

Chandelier is just amazing in both appearance and composition.

The ahh's never stop with this Chandelier.

This sculptured piece is exquisite and in perfect working


It is predominately designed with leaf designs from the

base of the lamp to the highest point of this lovely.

Obviously, much care was taken in creating this Chandelier.

It is reminisce of the late 18th, early 19th century craftsmanship:

It is uniquely time-traveled-charming and will win your heart.

History speaks when one observes the quiet beauty

of this Chandelier.

All by itself is will bring added beauty to your home.

It measures:18 inches tall by 11 inches wide,

the chain is 32 inches long.

One of the flame light cover is broken at the very end. Please see

the pictures , you can easily replace it.

It's very hard to notice it.

The light bulb cover is 3 inches in diameter.

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