L-19 Cessna Bird Dog R/C Airplane Kit (Big Scale)

L-19 Cessna Bird Dog R/C Airplane Kit (Big Scale, 1/5) by Marutaka R/C models.
PLEASE NOTE: This item is listed as 'used' because the box has been opened & I cannot guarantee all parts are included or are intact/undamaged. A family member who has been an avid R/C flier has recently moved into an assisted living center and asked that his hobby shop be cleaned out. This is one of several models that had been purchased but assembly was never started. I believe this kit is complete, intact, and ready to build, but cannot guarantee that to be the case.
Also note that this is only the airplane kit -- additional items will be needed assemble & fly this plane, such as an aircraft radio, Super Jet or epoxy glue, Ultracote or similar covering material, modeling tools, etc.
Thanks for looking, and please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.