19 Cracker Jack Presidential Mystery Club Coins

are 19 aluminum coins from the Cracker Jack Mystery Club. They measure 1" in diamater and have President names and pictures on the front along with the dates and which President they were.

The back says Join Cracker Jack Mystery Club, Save this Coin, The Cracker Jack Co., Chicago, U.S.A.. Then around the edge, it says a motto from the man.

These are not in very good condition. Most have a lot of scratches and as you can see in the picture, some have some dirty marks, that I don't think will come off. I only washed them in dishwashing detergent, so maybe something else will work. I tried taking a picture with a flash, but it was harder to tell their true condition. Includes......

1 - John Adams

2 - Chester Arthur

3 - Franklin Pierce

1 - Zachary Taylor

1 - Herbert Hoover

1 - Ulysses S. Grant

1 - James Buchanan

1 - Theodore Roosevelt

1 - Calvin Cooledge

1 - Thomas Jefferson

1 - James Garfield

1 - William Taft

1 - Benjamin Harrison

2 - Grover Cleveland

1 - James Polk

Please feel free to ask questions.

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