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Summer's coming...who's up for Ice Cream? For your consideration are 19 highly collectible Buried Treasure ice cream sticks from the 1960s. This is quite a find to be able to buy so many at once!
These vintage advertising items were sold inside ice cream novelty items sold from ice cream trucks. The character was hidden under the ice cream and not revealed until the frozen treat had been consumed. Each plastic stick is marked "Buried Treasure" and "Pat Pend" 15 of the characters have their sticks intact. 4 have had the sticks cleanly broken off as urged in the advertising of the time to make them into toys. In all there were 65 different characters made. Many colors were produced of each. Listed below is a description of the character and its color. Below is a history of Buried Treasure. This is a large lot and these are hard to find. It's a great chance to add many rare items to your existing collection or to jumpstart a brand new collection and relive your childhood!
Antique Motor Vehicles
Man Driving and Woman Holding Umbrella - PINKIce Truck - TAN Man Driving and Woman Wearing Bonnet - RED
Train Series
Locomotive - PINK Coal Car - Tender - LIGHT GREEN (no stick) Cattle Car - RED
Cartoon Characters
Pegleg Pirate - OFF WHITE & YELLOW (2 items, differnt colors)
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