19 MPC Plastic JUNGLE ANIMALS Complete Set& NATIVES Red

1960s vintage plastic play set JUNGLE / WILD ANIMAL & NATIVE figures by MPC (Multiple Products Co.) in 54mm play set scale in various shades of solid red. These were widely marketed during the baby boomer era and an affordable alternative to the more expensive Marx figures of the time. Sold and distributed in a variety of Jungle play sets (among them a King Kong play set), in bags, and as cereal premiums their popularity has grown over the years both as nostalgia and because of the wide variety of colors these were made in, with some being less common or scarce. As I understand it some companies conducted studies to see what colors were appealing to children and hence the unpopular colors, such as green, were either low production or discontinued, while others were unique as cereal premiums. This lot includes a Complete Set of the 16 animals: ALLIGATOR, ASIAN RHINO / RHINOCEROS, LION, TIGER, BISON (American Buffalo), CARIBOU / REINDEER, WALRUS, GIRAFFE, BACTRIAN CAMEL, CHIMP / CHIMPANZEE, GORILLA, HIPPO / HIPPOPOTAMUS, AFRICAN ELEPHANT, standing GRIZZLY BEAR, POLAR BEAR and ASIAN ELEPHANT calf. All are in very good condition, the largest figure, the GIRAFFE, measures 3.75 inches tall. Also includes 3 NATIVE figures in 2 poses, and an accessory spear and rifle for Hunter figure (not included).

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