19" Single Hose Red Vase Hookah Shisha +Case KS026-1 RD

1 Hose Red Vase hookah Shisha With Briefcase KS026


This beautiful designed hookah is one of a kind. It is superior to any quality you may find in the hookah market today. One of the best hookah from our hookahs collection. This hookah is 19 inches in height, has a beautiful decorated shaft which looks like clear crystal and silver metal stem of a very high quality. This hookah comes with a diamond cut vase and a red Syrian hose. Inside every hose connector is a metal ball bearing (It could be removed) which regulates the air-flow. Eliminates the need for stem plugs or hose caps. The stem pipe (which goes inside the vase) is made out of stainless steel to prevent rust, it is screw on which will be easy to take out and clean it. And also the body screws on to the vase making it 100% secure on falling or detaching easily. The advantage of the pipe's big diameter is that it makes it easier and smoothly when you smoke. The Other Best quality about our Hookah is that It could also be converted into Three Hose Hookah with and extra hose and connector, which you can find the connector under our HOOKAH ACCESSORIES CATEGORY.
The connectors is also removable for cleaning. All the connectors have a small stainless steel ball inside, this was specially design to prevent the air to go in . For instance, when two
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