1900-1910-Doll & Wardrobe Patterns for 10" Bleuette/Oth


Cloth Doll & Wardrobe Patterns for 10" Doll (Fits Bleuette)

by Susan Sirkis in 1972

There is nothing quite like these wonderful books created 38 years ago by talented Susan Sirkis. Not only could they be used to fit the popular 10-11" Bleuette, but I have personally enlarged the patterns as much as 200% to fit a 24" doll, and they fit very well.

Patterns in this booklet to make & wardrobe the doll are pictured.

The patterns in this new vintage soft-covered, 42-page book are designed to fit a 10" doll. A copy machine can enlarge or reduce the patterns to accommodate other sizes of dolls.

You will not be disappointed in this book. It is priceless, and worth its weight in gold for doll costumers.

I sell only original booklets. They are not copies.


Be sure to ask questions before the final bid, because this will be a final sale. Thank you.

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