This is just one of the rarest items, especially in this fine conditon and nice finish, that you will ever come across. This is what is called a combination book rack or bookends. T is a nice big letter holder on each end of a set of bookends. This is actually a bookrack or bookstand or sliding set of bookends, all terms are used. These were around from about 1880 to 1920 at the latest. This one is early somew between 1890 and 1910 I would say since it has that front grip or holder that you only see on the very old victorian ones. It is made by Judd Manufacturing of Wallingford, Connecticut, and old foundry out of business by 1929 at the latest and the premiere maker of bookracks. You can tell by the four digit number 9911 stamped in 2 places on this bookshelf. Bookracks were earlier than bookends and slid in and out to hold varying numbers of books on telescoping triple rods like these. The ends usually folded down for easy storage. Racks were replaced by bookends by 1920. But this is even rarer and more prized than an early bookrack since it is the combination rack. The two letter holders at the end were designed to be used on a desk for items like ingoing and outgoing correspondence with the books inbetween. Nowadays these are also perfect for dvd's and cd's. This is the four dog english bulldog combination bookrack. Four bulldogs, ... read more