1900 charlevoix mi photos ships street scenes ice caves

up for auction is this group of photographs from an antique photo album belonging at one time to george priest photographer in charlevoix mi.the pages of the album are patent dated 1889. most pictures are from late 1890's and 1901 (true antiques) these are photos taken by and of geo. priest. his studio was moved to the green block second floor at some point ( i believe from bridge st.) and was thought to be one of the finest studios in northern mi. mr. priest was vice president of the northern mi.photographers association.these pages are of ships many street scenes ice caves many local homes , businesses, people .the ships and barges are the manitou of duluth,the illinois, the beaver line, the barge welcome and others .many pictures are captioned telling what some businesses were before and what they are now.some photos are faded but with a magnifying glass more details can be seen . there are over 70 photos all together of different sizes .the page sizes are 14in. x 11in. 8 pages total pictures on both sides and all pictures are pasted on heavy card board type pages.some of the names in this album are geo. and mrs. priest, the meeches, dr. armstrong ,hershel or harold miller, ed edward,earl young,orin tillson, mrs.and david tillson, james bogart, mrs. auld, bentons, frank sears, pettingale, godchaux and more. businesses nicholls

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