1900 Colonial Jamaica BANANA REPUBLIC Day-O TALLY MAN Square Token HISTORIC!!!

Hi everyone! Here is a tremendous piece of colonial history. This is a gorgeous tally token from the United Fruit Company. The UFC was responsible for setting up Banana Republics in the third world. These tokens were used to pay the workers so that they could use this company money in the company commisarry. Hard to believe the narrator in the Day-O song was waiting around all night for these tokens to show up. Here's some more background on the UFC that I found on the internet - looks like bananas are dirty business:

The United Fruit Company was an American corporation that traded in tropical fruit (primarily bananas) grown on Third World plantations and sold in the United States and Europe. The company was formed in 1899 from the merger of Minor C. Keith 's banana-trading concerns with Andrew W. Preston 's Boston Fruit Company . It flourished in the early and mid-20th century and came to control vast territories and transportation networks in Central America, the Caribbean coast of Colombia , Ecuador , and the West Indies . Though it competed with the Standard Fruit Company for dominance in the international banana trade, it maintained a virtual monopoly in certain regions, some of which came to be called banana republics .[ 1]

It had a deep and long-lasting impact on the economic and political development of several
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