1900's Dwinell White House Coffee Advertising Mirror

For your consideration today is this vintage very early 1900's Dwinell Wright Company advertising mirror that features the White House brand of coffee. The is yet another of many fine advertising mirror's we will be selling, with this one also being in fine shape with very sharp colors as well. The item is clearly marked or labeled with None Better at Any Price around the celluloid skin, then the middle shows the White House coffee box, with the name of Dwinell-Wright Company of Boston and Chicago being near the bottom of the box front. The surface remains in great shape with no holes or cracks anyw, t is just very minimal surface marks that show only when under a bright light and close observation, the colors remains in fine shape as well with no fading or discoloration, the surface does have what looks like a very, very slight two toned surface covering which would have been made that way at the factory, as the top fourth shows a very faint line across, with the lower part being just a shade darker. Again, t are no cracks or damage to the surface so nothing has slipped inbetween layers, and even with this very minimal thing, it remains one great looking piece that is full of dandy show! The mirror remains in solid condition with no chips or cracks, t is some light loss of the silver underside which shows like two partial lines ... read more