1901 - 1904 Zon-O-Phone Grand Opera


One of the most collectible disc phonographs, the Zon-O-Phone Grand Opera is impressive to say the least. Turned pillars, curved crank, an ornate arm support are just a few of its charms. The beveled glass panel lets you see its powerful spring motor in action from the back of the case.

Not only is the motor strong, it runs quietly, smoothly, and will play a 12" disc with some power to spare.

Its reproducer is in good condition with worn plating and the paper label under the mica no longer bears printing. It physically looks like a Concert V. The two screws holding the needle bar are replacements. The reproducer is magnetic, as is the arm, and the arm support. The brake mechanism is not magnetic.

The 24" brass horn is yet another visual draw.

An undecorated motor board bears a serial number, 1429. The two screws that secure the motor board to the case are absent.

The original felt is on its 9" platter, as is the purple felt inside the cabinet. As pictured, the platter's cast seat is chipped, unseen is a shim made of a few slivers of clear tape to keep it level. The winding gear has a chipped tooth and it has no affect on its operation.

I do not know what parts may have been replaced, swopped-out, or otherwise remanufactured. The finish on the case is well done, and this gramophone'
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