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College Fraternities

by Erman J. Ridgeway

“The Societies, most of them secret, that play so large a part in the social life of our American Universities – their history, their ceremonies, their general character, and their value to their members.”

Original 14 page ( 7 double-sided) article carefully removed from a 1901 copy of Munsey’s Magazine.

In this rare and authentic 112 year-old historical article, author Erman Ridgeway explores the fraternities of U.S. colleges and universities at the turn of the century (19 th to 20 th ). Profusely illustrated with 20 views of fraternity houses and their interiors, Ridgeway examines the societies with such topic headings as: “The Value of Fraternity Life,” “The Earliest College Fraternities,” “’Rushing’ Candidates for Fraternities,” “The Initiation Ceremony,” and “The Fraternities and the Colleges.” A tremendous glimpse into the history of fraternities in the United States , their development, and practices in 1901.

From the article:

“A young man comes from his home into a life absolutely new to him. His parents may have taught him self reliance or self distrust, or they may have taught him nothing in particular and sent him to college to get rid of him. The faculty cannot direct him except in a general way. Here the fraternities find
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