1901 Faux Ivory BIBLE "IHS" BOOK of COMMON PRAYER Womens Temperance~Oxford Press

1901 Edwardian (King Edward VII) "Temperance" Version Book of Common Prayer & Psalms

Title: 1901 King Edward VII

"The Book of COMMON PRAYER,"

Bible Psalms + Church of England Calendar of Feast Days, Daily Bible Reading Calendar,

Saints' Days, Sacradotal Services for Sea, Marriage & Burials..etc.

Includes *" Battle Hymn of the American Republic "& Temperance Meeting Litanies .

Cover Boards: Front and back faux ivory covers. Includes "IHS" anagram in white nickel and nickel metal fastening clasps that snap closed. The covers are hardbound with a brown leather spine with beautifully embossed gilt Maltese Crosses and lettering.

Printer: William Clowes and Sons, Limited - General Printers, Stamford Street and Charing Cross. (End paper.)

Frontispiece papers: Words to: *" The Battle Hymn of the American Republic " + dedication in script: "Ethel from Norman Jan 20th 1903 ."

Middle page: Revised EDWARD R version November 1901~Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland.

Publisher: Horace Hart - Oxford University Press - Amen Corner.

Typeset: Ruby 32.

Pages: 196+pp

Size: 11.8cm x 8cm x 2.2cm (4.6" x 3.1" x 1.0")

Condition: Used. In VERY GOOD CONDITION. Hardbound leather spine with embossed gilt lettering and Maltese
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