1901 First Indian United States Motorcycle Exhibit from Automotive Museum

This is from 1999 Motorcycle exhibit that was sponsored by Delta Airlines and the American Express Co that toured the world in 1999 and 2000 that feature famous motorcycles from 1899 thru 1999. To see this complete exhibit go to our Ebay Store an enter== motorcycle exhibit===in the search field.Item is double matted and size outside matt is approx 12 x 15.Printed on a heavy weight cardstock.This is an exclusive listing and will not be listed by any other seller.Item has always been matted and are in mint condition.On the back of the motorcycle matt will be name of the cycle and the country also with name of the Automotive Museum.Shipped in US only. Buy 5 or more and shipping will be FREE.. Create your own exhibit by displaying a selection of your own. LC2