1901 IBM Antique Computing Wheel Cheese Cutter

Greetings, we are pleased to offer a very early IBM computing device with

patent date. We have included the patent research.

Plaque Reads:

International Business Machines Co., Toronto Limited Ont.

Patented Dec. 1901

Serial #50246

Remnants of Art Nouveau scroll work on arms, t are a stack of 22 interchangeable metal gauges for

various calculations - found left side of the plaque under one of the calculating levers.

We believe the item to weigh approx. 30 lbs (only guesswork) and will provide shipping information shortly.

Buyer pays shipping cost.

We ship Canada Post.

Questions Welcome. Thank you.

Item weighs 34 lbs bare and will be packaged at approx. 40 lbs.

Metal gauges are found above computing lever and not below. Thanks