1902 - 1952 50th anniversary Leadership Southern Coke Coal Brass Medal key fob

One 1902 - 1952 Brass - Bronz gold coppertone (non magnetic material) key FOB or zipper pull tab.

A kind ebay customer wrote: " the Coke on this stands for the coal industry and not Coca-Cola because coke is a hard gray porous fuel made from heating soft coal to drive off most of its volatile material/"

Brand: Coal & Coke Co. Inc, embossed

Imprint on one side: 50th anniversary Southern Coal & Coke Co., Inc. Domestic Steam & Gas Coals. Hi-Lo Dixie GEM, Southern Star, Kentucky Ace, Golden Glow, Archer, Regal. Standards of Quality.

Other side imprint: 1902-1952. 50 years of leadership in fine coals, Whitehead -NOAS

Gold tone Chain: Bead Co, BPT, Conn (USA)

Size: fob 1" diameter. Chain 4 1/4" long.

This is charming Fine Pendant on chain souvenir collectible.

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Condition: Appears clean normal unused shape with no breaks or repairs.

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