1902 Buck Creek Indian Head Handmade German Knife

This old Buck Creek pocket knife has 3 blades, is 3 3/4" long and appears to have nice bone handles. T are no chips or cracks. The indian head medallion dated 1902 is crisp and clear. It came from the collection of an elderly man who said he had it for about forty years. I do not know manufacture date. The blades do not appear to be sharpened. They have a dark patina from years of laying in a drawer. T are 2 Indian heads stamped on the 3 blades with "Buck Creek". Stamped on the longest blade is "Indian Head Handmade Germany" on the back is Solingen Germany. T are some minor scratches on the blades from handling, opening and closing etc. The small rounded blade has a few tiny raise bumps in the finish. It does not look like rust. It is difficult to get good pictures of knives but I hope you can make out enough detail in the photos. It will make a good addition to a collection. Thanks for looking.