1902 Mansfield CHOICE Automatic Pepsin Gum Machine

You will not be disappointed adding this 1902 Mansfield 'CHOICE' Automatic Clerk Pepsin Gum Machine to your collection. It stands 12" tall by 6 1/2 " wide and deep. It is in excellent working condition mechanically, and looks very good.

This authentic old vending machine was rescued from the business in which it was used...the Eagle Store in Lincoln, Kansas, by my father in law, an avid collector of the rare and arcane. It has been in the family for 60 years.

Included are four (4) Liberty Nickels from the same era. When a nickel is dropped into the Blood Orange or Peppermint slot, a bell rings, and gum would drop into the tray located at the front of the machine. A high-tech device from more than 100 years ago!! T is NO gum included with this auction (100-year old gum?) but the device still works. The bell is loud and clear. Patent dates: Nov. 19, 1901 & June10, 1902.

As this is not a business, I am listing this 'As Is' with no return, but will assure you as Seller the machine works perfectly, unlike some that have sold for a great deal more, that DIDN'T. As Seller, I will insure this for the correct amount, as well as insure the packing is sufficient to get this from my door to your's in the same WORKING condition.

It is a beautiful piece of history, and very collectible.

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