1902 Old Pullman Railroad Train Car Blueprint Drawing

1902 Old Pullman Railroad Train Car Blueprint Drawing

Offering an old and original (not a modern reproduction) Pullman railroad car pen & ink blueprint drawing. I've been told that blue prints were made from originals like these. This drawing is for the Private Car "Bay Side"

It's on thinnish linen paper (not sure if that's the correct term). When looked at through an eye loupe, you can see the paper has a weave. It measures approx. 27" by 10 1/8". The dimensions vary a bit due to the edges being trimmed a little uneven.

It's dated 1902. See photos for car, railroad and other identification.

It's in "fair" condition with scattered smudges, spotting, dust and other soiling, age toning, rust colored staining, lots of surface waviness/wrinkling, surface creasing, surface anomalies and other flaws. T is a penciled word and numbers on the bottom edge, t are some faint penciled words in script to the left of the ink signatures that are hard to see. T are some other scattered pencil marks.

The upper left hand corner has a tear and a fold over (see photo). T are other minor edge flaws. T are tack holes at the corners, the lower left have several and they're torn through to the edge. T's a lower left corner crease.

Please keep in mind my camera may not have picked up every last faint
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