1903 A3 STOCK Springfield Rifle walnut curved cv c

Wow- what a find ! We ONLY HAVE THIS ONE up for sale. You are bidding on a 1903 curved STOCK still I opened to verify the contents and take pictures- I'm glad I did because the stock seems smoother, and the tape is around it has a writing on it saying aftermarket. IN ACCORD TO EBAY POLICY AND USA LAWS, NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: Shipped from Colorado-
EBAY- This item is being sold as a 1903 collectible item, and is NOT a working rifle but a part of a rifle- a wood. Contact me if you have any questions.
Shipped from Colorado-(usa)
now the legal stuff as usual... PLEASE NOTE! All used items are SOLD AS IS, and as with all our auctions the sales are final. The reason being is that people have differing ideas as to the quality of an item. Some things that we might call "poor" someone else may call "good", or vice versa. When we obtain our items, we have had no control over t previous life and care. We may get them from the previous owner while new in the box with complete instructions and warranty or we may have found it in the attic, or anything in between. Typically, when we got it t was no warranty, no statement of suitability for any purpose whatsoever and no guarantee that it would do anything other than sit in the location w it was previously placed and take up space. We offer the same conditions to you but we will
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