1903-S Barber Quarter, better condition

This is fairly scarce quarter because of its lower mintage and better than good details. The eye appeal isn't necessarily great but Liberty on the headband is clear and all letters legible. This coin doesn't have any significant or major problems like edge dings, deep scratches or gouges, extensive wear, etc. However, it's pretty dark in tone, some parts of the edge are more worn than others, so maybe those detract from the grade a lot or little. I don't know how much. My guess is that it's very fine or so in details, maybe overall fine. According to the ANA standards it says all letters are visible, which is the case here. I'm not an expert so I don't know how everything else factors in. I'll leave it up to you to consider it's worth. I saw another one with a little better details but it had a huge hole through it and it sold for over 15 dollars, so this coin should appeal to someone :) Thanks