1903 Complete Short Stories-Guy De Maupassant

The complete Shrt Stories of Guy De Maupassant. Ten Volumes in One. Publisher: Walter J. Black Co., 171 Madison AVenue, New York City. Copyrighted, 1903 by M. Walter Dunne, Entered at Stationers' Hall, London.

Sample of Contents:
Volume 1
Ball-Of-Fat, The Diamond Necklace, A Piece of String, The Story of a Farm-Girl, In the Moonlight, MME. Tellier's Excursion, Love, MME. Fifi, Monsieur Parent, Useless Beauty, An Affair of State, Babett, A Cock Crowed, Lilie Lala, A Vagabond, The Nountebanks, Ugly, The Debt, A normandy Joke, The Father, The Artist, False Alarm, That pig of a Morin,

Volume 2:
Miss Harriet, The Hole, The Inn, A Family, Bellflower, In the Wood, The Marquis De Fumerol, Saved, The Signal, The Devil, The Venus of Braniza, The Rabbit, La Morillonne, Epiphany, Simon's Papa, Waiter A Bock!, The Wequel to a Divorce, The Clown, The Mad Woman, Mademoiselle

Volume 3:
A Bad Error, The Port, Chali, Jeroboam, Virtue in the Ballet, The Double Pins, How he Got the Legion of Honor, A Crisis, Graveyard Sirens, Growing Old, A French Enoch Arden, Julie Romain, An Unreasonable Woman, Rosalie Prudent, Hippolyte's Claim, Benoist, Fecundity, A Way to Wealth, Am I Insane?, Forbidden Fruit, The Charm Dispelled, Madame Parisse, Making A Convert.

Plus 7 more volumes of short stories.

1004 pages. This

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