As we continue traveling through Italy searching for special treasures to bring to you on Ebay, we are always looking for one of our favorite treasures - the Italian Hand Painted Ex-Voto. We view these pieces to be one of the most beautiful and fascinating of the Italian Religious Art Forms. As we travel and collect these painted ex-votos we are always captivated by the different artistic styles which originate from the different regions of Italy. This week we are very pleased to present several distinctive Painted Ex-votos for you. Please check our other Auctions.

IN THIS AUCTION we are offering a Unique painted Italian Ex-voto from 1903. If ever t was an artwork that evoked the period in Europe before the First World War, this could be it! Before we speak about the black clad woman kneeling in supplication, lets talk about the style of the landscape that the artist has rendered... verdant rolling hills of green, feathery leafed trees and spring-time daffodils blossoming around the fenced pedestal statue - all of these elements evoke a lovely image of by-gone years. But t is more to this painting than mere idle whimsy. Returning to the woman in distress we can almost feel her despair as she reaches out her arms in hope of some relief! But, relief from what? This is a mystery we will never have an answer to. Suffice it to say

In case this is the first time you are checking with us, we are Americans currently living and traveling in Italy searching for unique items which are designed and created in Italy to present to you on Ebay. Please be sure to check out our other Auctions for Monstrance, Tabernacle, Chalice & Patten, Ciborium, Pair of Sanctuary Lamps, Priest Vestments - 1800's Embroidered Chasuble, Burano Lace Alb, Vintage Embroidered Cope, hand Painted Ex-Votos, Reliquary, and many more fabulous treasures from Italy. We always COMBINE SHIPPING for multiple items whenever possible. We are shopping for you, we save you the cost of Airfare. Best of luck, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions prior to bidding. We are italycallingyou.

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