This FABULOUS, PRISTINE ORIGINAL 1903 Carnival Edition Mardi Gras chromolithograph is an insert from the February 24th edition of the New Orleans Picayune Special Mardi Gras Issue of the newspaper, sold for 10 cents. This paper has continuously published for 169 years.

A 1917 chromolithograph was featured on TV's the "Antique Road Show".

Pageant of Rex "King of the Carnival" Subject: Fetes and Feasts. This item was published by Walle & Co., LTD New Orleans, La.

This item is in excellent, unspoiled pristine condition. T are no rips or tears as this item has been framed behind glass for many years.

The colors are subdued possibly due to exposure to light over 100 years. The original folds are barely visable. Upon close inspection, the black ink of the advertisements on the opposite side of the page show through the newsprint paper.

This glass framed litho depicts 22 beautiful parade floats being pulled by horses. Each float was sponsored by a KREWE, the original being the Mystic Krewe of COMUS established in 1857.

1. Rex 12. Venetian Feast

2. Title- Fetes and Feasts 13. Chinese New Year

3. Lucullus 14. Mid-Air Revelry of the Fairies

4. Alladin's Feast to the Sultan 15. Crowning of Esther

5. Gothic Victory Celebration 16. Odin's Feast
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