1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair Large Bronze Medal

Well struck 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair Commerorative Medal. This medal is as shown in Henderschott 30-110. It is shaped like a shield. The obverse has two women, one semi-nude, in flowing garments standing inside a circular frame. Inscribed around the at the edge of the circle is "UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION SAINT LOUIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." Under their feet are the Roman numerals "MCMIV." The corners are the same on both the obverse and reverse of the medal. The bottom one shows a fleur-de-lis inscribed in a laurel wreath. The top left corner has the letters "U" and "S" intertwined in a laurel wreath. The upper right corner has the letters "J" and "N" intertwined in a laurel wreath, for Napoleon and Josephine, I presume. On the reverse is an eagle with outstretched wings standing on a block supported by a shell. Beneath the block are two porpoises. Inscribed in the block on three lines is "COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL" "LOUISIANA PURCHASE" "EXPOSITION." The medal is in excellent condition with a lovely patina. T is a miniscule ding on the edge on the obverse side at about the 5:00 position. Reverse is near mint condition. Please see the pictures. This medal is roughly triangular, about 2 3/4" on a side, and 3/16" thick. This substantial piece would be a lovely display item for one's collection.

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