1905 MARBLE SAFETY AXE COMPANY Folding Hunter Knife, Caribou & Cougar Handle

I'm liquidating my personal collection.
This is the CENTERPIECE of my Marble Safety Axe Co. Collection. It is a GENUINE ORIGINAL ANTIQUE, manufactured in GLADSTONE, Mich., U.S.A. in 1905. This is the FAMOUS "C" Bolster, Swell-Center Pattern, Engraved Hard Rubber Handles, with the mountain landscape scene of a Caribou Stag (or Elk) and a Cougar (or Bear) on one side, and the MARBLE SAFETY AXE CO., GLADSTONE, MICH., U.S.A. insignia in a scrolled banner on the other side. There are two nearly invisible hairs at the bottom of the Caribou side handle (Please see enlarged photos). This SHOW WINNER is in ABSOLUTELY ORIGINAL UNRESTORED EXCELLENT +++++ condition, AND IT IS 108 YEARS OLD ! It is perfectly functional; The blade snaps like new; open, half-stop, and closed. The steel extension guard is stamped "Pat. Allowed" and receives the tip of the blade DEAD CENTER, just like new. The famous "HALF-CIRCLE" or "C" bolsters, handle pins and ORNATE lobed Swing-Guards are billet nickel silver. The full liners are also billet nickel silver. The main blade pin is a slotted steel screw. The blade itself is the famous Marble's "Ideal" pattern; double swedged full-bellied clip, with deep and wide fullers (or blood grooves) on both sides. The blade (as is the complete knife) is at nearly 100 %; this is remarkable for a 108 year old knife.
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