1906 Manning Bowman & Co. Coffee Pot METEOR Percolator.

This antique coffee maker is stamped on the bottom of the urn; " Manning Bowman & Co. MERIDEN, CONN, METEOR PERCOLATOR, use finely ground coffee, pat. Mar 6 1906 May 22 1906" . This auction includes a copper coffee un, percolator cover, inner stem, strainer, fuel fired copper heating canister, stand which has a ring which is attached to the legs to hold the heating canister above the wooden base. Beautiful detail on the handles. It stands about 17" tall from the bottom of the stand to the top when the percolator cover is placed on the top of the stem. The glass percolator is missing. I wanted to preserve the original finish so I only wiped it with a soft rag. Please email for more photos or with any questions.

The U.S. Patent mentioned most frequently is Number 821,125, issued on May 22nd 1906. This patent is for the locking mechanism that attaches the base to the urn. More information at:


Please email with questions and ask for more photos prior to bidding as I do not offer returns.