1908 SELF WINDING CLOCK Co. BATTERY JAR Up for auction is a rarely available LeClanche battery (wet cells) used by the Self Winding Clock Company of New York in all of their primary types of self-winding clock movements. This battery is marked, with raised letters on the front, "Self Winding Clock Co., New York" and the numbers 1 through 3 appear vertically down one side. The storage battery is 6 3/4 inches high by 5 inches wide and is 4 inches deep. BATTERY CONFIGURATION These storage batteries were originally shipped to their customer's dry and required assembly of the various components. The contents of a paper bag (salammoniac) was first placed inside the jar and then filled with water to a numbered water line on the side. This was then stirred until the solution had dissolved. A carbon rod was inserted into a slit in the cover and placed in the solution. A zinc rod was also added through the cover after the cover was pressed down into the wax on the shoulder of the jar; this was to prevent evaporation and to keep dirt out of the cells. The battery was then ready to be connected to the clock-winding wires and originally supplied 1.3 volts with 1.5 amps. Two storage battery jars were required to operate the self-winding movements. CONDITION The pictures provided do not adequately capture the beautiful greenish tint in the glass. ... read more