1909 E95 PHIL. CARAMEL TY COBB psa sgc bvg GAI 1 L@@K$!

Hard to part with a card of this stature, but I need to raise some cash. it is: an affordable Cobb from a set that has BLOWN UP (1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel) and shows no signs of slowing down. You are looking at paying a premium for this issue--even for the lower grade ones. No creases on this one and GREAT registration--blistering red and deep tonalities in the blending red color. The catch? A punch hole in Ty's eye (see it?)...In some ways aesthetically fitting, given the hitter's extreme concern with his eyesight, but that's another story. I guess if you can pay in the 2 or 3 grand zone, a better card might be available. But how many of us can really go that route? I am a trusted and reliable seller w/perfect feedback, but I do need the cash, so I am setting the buy-it-now in hopes of entertaining a few offers from bidders who might have a need or appreciation of what this card brings. It's arguabley the most important (and beautiful) standard issue of all Cobb cards. Again, hate to part, but it's time to let it go. Maybe this is the missing piece for you....Gorgeous edges--perfect centering, and very respectable corners...a faint hairline wrinkle in lower right of card--about 1/3 inch and coming down diagnollay just past the . in AMER. Hardly worth mentioning but the only surface flaw (aside from the hole) that I see....If ... read more