1909 S Lincoln Cent Key Date; century old penny

we have a scarce and highly in demand century old first year of issue 1909-S Lincoln cent, bearing the coveted San Francisco mint mark. The coin has very little circulation, grading XF for details . Obverse exhibits some heavy oxidation--so I'm reducing the grade to net VF . To what degree this detracts from the coin is an issue I leave to bidders. I have scanned the obverse and reverse for your analysis. A no problems XF bids at $200 in the Coin Dealer Newsletter. A VF coin bids at $150. VG coins bid at just $95, but the scans should clearly indicate the condition of this coin is far superior to Very Good. This is a tough coin to get at a good price; so I leave it to your bidding discretion and offer without reserve. Best of luck.