1910-12 Sweet Caporal (P2) Pin/Button/Coin Mickey Doolan "Phillies" Large Letter

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Expanding its premiums to include more than just trading cards, the American Tobacco Co. issued a series of Baseball pins circa 1910-12. The sepia colored pins measure 7/8 in diameter. The set includes 152 different players, but because of numerous "Large Letter" and "Small Letter" variations, collectors generally consider the set complete at 205 different pins. Fifty of the players are pictured on a second pin that usually displays the same photo but has the players name and team designation printed in larger letters. Three players (Bresnahan, Mullin and Wallace) have three pins each. It is now generally adccepted that there are 153 pins with "Small Letters" and another 52 "Large Letter" variations in a complete set. Research amoung advanced collectors has shown that 19 of the pins, including six of the "Large Letters" variations are considered more difficult to find. The back of each pin has a variously colored paper insert advertising Sweet Caporal Cigarettes. The red backings are generally less common. The Sweet Caporal pins are closely related to the popular T205 Gold Border tobacco cards, also issued by the American Tobacco Co. about the same time. All but nine of the players featured in the pin set were also pictured on teh T205 cards, and in
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