1910 GAR National Encampment Badge Atlantic City Kearny (CIVIL WAR)

Civil War Veterans Representative medal for the 44th National Encampment Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 19 - 24, 1910. Bronze top eagle pin has good condition of the hook and is marked on the reverse J.K. DAVISON'S SONS - PHILA. The second piece is a red, white & blue GAR followed by a silvered clam shell shaped section with an enamel light house. The bottom is a bronze medal with "44th National Encampment Kearny - September 19 - 24, 1910." The rim of the Kearny medal is marked "DAVISON PHILA." The yellow/gold ribbon is in good condition with a little frayed string hanging.

This bronze medal bears the image of General Kearny. It is dated for the convention: Sept.1910/ 44th Nat'l Encampment.

Major General Philip Kearny. Here's just an excerpt about his last days in battle.

Philip Kearny - Final Actions:

Feared by the Confederates, who referred to him as the "One-Armed Devil", Kearny was promoted to major general later in July. That summer Kearny also directed that his men wear a patch of red cloth on their caps so that they could rapidly identify each other on the battlefield. This soon evolved into an army-wide system of insignias. With President Abraham Lincoln tiring of McClellan's cautious nature, the aggressive Kearny's name began to surface as a potential replacement. Leading his division north,
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