1910 Miller Huggins Cardinals PX7 Sweet Cap Cigarette Domino Disc Baseball Card

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Best remebered as Babe Ruth's Manager, Huggins won 6 pennants and 3 World Series as manager of the Yankees. Miller Huggins is in the Baseball HOF.

This is a most interesting set to collect. The players come in 4 different colors. There are only 129 players in this 1909-1912 set. There are 7 repeat players - traded and appearing in different uniforms except for Ty Cobb whose hat appears with and without the "D". The set gets even stranger. The players come with 2 (sometimes 3) different looks e.g. "thin face", "full face" . There is even more variance in the backs. Each disc has a random domino. This makes for an enormous number of variations. There is still another fascinating notable. As mentioned, the fronts come in 4 colors but the backs only come in 3. Thus randomness again comes into play as the brown/grey front discs can have a red, blue or green back. Finally the advantages of collecting PX7s is that you can be as detailed as you choose. Also the costs of this set are amazingly low. All my single listings begin at under $10 and under $2
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