1910 Theatre September - Eddie Foy; India; Bessie McCoy

The Theatre

September 1910

With cover of Blanch Ring

in "The Yankee Girl"

Near Mint condition with some binding repair.

Theatre was an expensive and large magazine with a heavy stiff cover and gorgeous artwork with vibrant colors as the cover indicates. It covered the nation but emphasized theatres in New York as well as the Metropolitan Opera. Later the movies were covered. Great ads including automobiles. Plays and musicals as well as the actors and actresses themselves. Some of the articles and photos in this issue:

"The Brass Bottle"; New Plays: Love among the Lions, The marriage of a star; May Buckley, Jane Oaker, Clara Lipman, ; More secrets of a dramatist's workshop with Francis de Croisset; John Cort; Frances Carnwright; Elsie Ryan; Richard Bennett; Bessie McCoy; Remembering Jay Gould; Ida Conquest; Marguerite Clarke; Gertrude Quinlan; Irene Franklin; Julie Opp; Margaret Illington; Eddie Foy in Up and Down Broadway; Louise Randolph; Margaret Anglin; G.K. Chesterton's Toy theatre; Laurette Taylor; The Drama in India; Leslie Carter; Frances Starr full page print; The Deadhead and what he costs the theatre.. Ads, fashions and a number of full page prints as well as lots of other articles on plays and performers.

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