This outstanding chromolithograph Game Board measures approx. 21 1/2" by 30 1/2"

The Board is printed on a medium weight paper stock that was varnished many years ago (possibly originally) in the same manner as a 19th century, Roll-Up Wall Maps. The fantastically elaborate illustration the covers the Game Board includes various activities at an Amusement Park or Fair including a game of skill titled "Jeu De Massacre" which shows a boy throwing a ball at figures of men and women and trying to knock them over. The game track is an early Roller Coaster. Players enter the track at space number 1 and "climb up a long staircase where the get into a roller coaster car that travels down the track to the final space which is number 100. The board has the look of a "Shutes and Ladders" variation Game. The Board is neither marked by the manufacturer nor dated but the illustration of a very early airplane flying in the sky above the Roller Coaster as well as the style of clothing worn by the people pictured on the board lead us to date the Game Board to the 1910's.