1911 COLBY Postcard Two Cute Little Puppies Dogs

Welcome to my auctions! I do not collect postcards for myself. I do, however, LOVE postcards, and get great joy in passing along beautiful cards to my customers. Because I do not collect, I always start all my sales at 99 cents, and let the market determine the true value of the cards. I strive to offer beautiful, rare, unique and hard-to-find cards in almost all categories.

This is a antique pre-linen postcard, showing two cute little dogs. The pup on the left says "Say, why don't you get a haircut". The pup on the right says "Aw, go get your face ironed out". It is initialed V C. On the back it says Colby's Pets Series, No. 5464.

The card is in good condition, with corner and edge wear, light creasing, and minor soiling.

The card is postally unused. The message was dated June 15, 1911 and the card was addressed to Alice Callahan, Tacoma, Washington.

Q uestions about my items? I typically photograph bo th sides of the card when the card is postally used, or when t is significant damage or soiling on the back. Otherwise, I show only the front of the card. If a card is postally used and I can read the writing, I will include the postmark information and who the card was sent to. I do this at the request of my customers who are genealogists and search EBAY for family names and locations. is how I
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